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Brittany Mojo


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September 18 - November 20, 2021

Reception: September 18, 2021 4-6PM

“Now; and like now itself, it will follow you wherever you go…

The works in Nowness are an assembly of action, a consequence of time spent. Each is folded and pinched, coiling through past, present, and future. Their nowness evident in each move.

Not to be mistaken for production objects, these works are archetypes of bodies. Forms are bloated and strained, exhausted yet relieved through moments of deflation and cracking. They are a record of solitude, of The time of introspection; of the pandemic. They are both modes of coping and strategies of growth. They exist because yes, much like we do.

Clay is an endless receiver of action. It amasses a body through the collection of simple movements. A coil placed. Again, a pinch completed. All nows totaling these objects of seconds and minutes. A line traced, a square repeated and filled in, flowers from your lover gathered on skin.

Mojo’s process relies on a few truths: dichotomies and contradictions, layered repetition through process and pattern. All openly left by a hand, the artifact of now. The works are of labor and often embody the haphazardness of their making. A delicate object finds its opposite in strong pattern; a quick action finds time and tedium through accumulation. Just as now was then, soon becomes now.

Brittany Mojo received her MFA from UCLA and her BFA from California State University, Long Beach. She currently lives and works between Long Beach, CA and San Luis Obispo as the head of the Ceramics program at Cuesta College.

…to turn now into always, to mistake what is for what was meant to be.”

Richard Powers, The Overstory