Julius Shulman and Juergen Nogai: Recent Architectural Photographs
Larry Cohen: Downtown Los Angeles


July 4 – August 8, 2009
Reception: Saturday, July 11, 4-6pmExhibition Information | Julius Shulman and Juergen Nogai | Larry Cohen

In 1989, Julius Shulman formally “retired” from his profession as an architectural photographer.  Little did he know that the next 20 years would be filled with major museum and gallery exhibitions, publications, worldwide recognition of his vast achievements, and a rebirth of his photographic career on a schedule that can sometimes keep pace with his earlier production.  In 2000, Shulman was introduced to the German industrial/architectural photographer, Juergen Nogai, who had come up to Shulman’s studio to meet and pay homage to the “maestro.”   Something clicked between the two, and they have been collaborating photographically ever since.  Not only have they re-interpreted key architectural works previously made iconic by Shulman, but they are also being commissioned to document the work of important contemporary architects.   The duo has also created stunning records of visual eccentricities such as their image of L.A. City Hall vibrantly illuminated in brilliant red light.

Concurrently, the gallery will present its fifth solo exhibition of the paintings of Larry Cohen.  A native Angeleno, Cohen has become recognized as one of the few plein-air painters of the built environment of Southern California.  A student of Paul Wonner, Cohen was influenced by the Bay Area Figurative School, as well as 19th century painters of light, particularly Corot.   The paintings in this exhibition are all views of downtown Los Angeles from distant perspectives.  Once Cohen finds a location he likes, he will often return and paint from the same vantage point in different seasons and at various times of day, much like an Impressionist would translate the same scene in changing atmospheric conditions.