Michael Deyermond
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michael deyermond's work may not exist if people were not so fucked up: if california was not a place where people came to change their lives; and if man's spirit could be dominated.

he was born in upstate new york in 1972 and raised on anger and athletics. upon his parents divorce, at the age of 13, the middle class upstater did the unheard of and attended one of those prestigious new england prep schools where his mind was blown and he learned that athletics didn't matter much. it was here that a life in reading began. that a self preservation necessitated by creating his own reality would surface and a subsequent struggle of solving his relation to society would possess his life. graduating college in pennsylvania mr deyermond moved to los angeles in 1994.

having co-founded and owned two rare bookstores in los angeles, books and language are as prominent in mr deyermond's work as paper and paint. his paintings, linoleum prints, painted books, quilts and mail art act like chaperones of a benevolent madness, appear as bright postcards from the institution, and feel like he may only be doing and saying these things because he has to and he really does love us.